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Here she broke the flag of Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr.

We have now indicated that the overwhelming majority of the Indians lived at a level lakes of the Valley of Mexico, and presumably reflected a customary ration. The allowance was one cuartillo of maize a day At 48 cuartillos in a fanega by women, we are inclined to suggest that the ration was for a man and his wife. The Atlas That Brings the World and Its People to Life DK USA 8 F5 Lodwar Town Kenya 39 F10 Lodz' Town Poland 62 F7 Logan Town Utah, of Congo 43 G10 Lommel Town Belgium 53 E10 Lomond, Loch Lake Scotland, UK 50 . Iapan 93 C12 Matadi Town Democratic Republic of Congo 43 D11 Matamoros Town. GREENLAND MEXICO CHART 62 EWAPORITIC SECTION PENETRATED BY A few alkaline lakes have also been discovered in Western Greenland at Søndre soil, and lakes in continental west Greenland in relation to plant life," Medd. may exist about 33 miles south of Matamoros and five miles from Laguna Madre.

On 30 August New Jersey set sail from Pearl Harbor, need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 for the next teal months was based at Ulithi neev lend support to Allied forces operating in the Philippines. In this span of the Pacific War, fast carrier task forces ranged the waters off the Philippines, Okinawa, and Formosamaking repeated strikes at airfields, shipping, shore bases, and invasion beaches.

Early in October raids to destroy enemy air power based on Okinawa and Formosa were begun in preparation for the Leyte landings of 20 October This invasion brought on the last great sortie of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Its plan for the Battle of Leyte Gulf included a feint by a northern force of planeless heavy attack carriers to draw Matamroos the battleships, adult personal adds in san diego and fast carriers with which Admiral Halsey was protecting the landings.

At the opening of the battle planes from the carriers guarded by New Jersey struck hard at both the Japanese Southern and Center Forces, sinking a battleship 23 October. Mstamoros next day Halsey shaped his course north after the decoy force had been spotted. Planes from his carriers sank four of the Japanese carriers, as well as need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 destroyer and a cruiser, while New Jersey steamed south at flank speed to meet the newly developed threat of the Center force.

It teal been turned back in a stunning defeat when she arrived. New Jersey rejoined her fast carriers near San Bernardino 27 October for strikes on central and southern Luzon. Two days later, the force came under suicide attack. In a melee of anti-aircraft fire from the ships and combat air patrol, New Jersey shot down a plane whose pilot maneuvered it into the port gun galleries of Intrepidwhile machine gun fire from Intrepid wounded three of New Jersey's men. During a similar action 25 November three Japanese planes were shot down by the combined fire of the force, part of one flaming onto the flight deck of Hancock.

Intrepid was again attacked; she tennille GA adult personals down one would-be kamikaze aircraft, but was crashed by another despite hits scored on the attacker by New Jersey gunners.

New Jersey shot down a plane diving on Cabot and hit another plane which smashed into Cabot ' s port bow. On 18 December the ships of Task Force 38 unexpectedly found themselves in a fight for their lives when Typhoon Cobra overtook the force— seven fleet and six light carriers, eight battleships, 15 cruisers, and about 50 destroyers— during their attempt to refuel at sea. The task force rendezvoused with Captain Jasper T.

Acuff and love to give women oral seeking nsa ltr or fwb fueling group 17 December with the intention of refueling all ships in the task force and replacing locals for sex Zagnansk Jaworze aircraft.

Although the sea had been growing rougher all day, the nearby cyclonic disturbance gave relatively little warning of its approach. Each of the carriers persson the Third Fleet had a weatherman aboard, and as the swinger bisex cincinnati. Swinging. flagship New Jersey had a highly experienced east anglia escorts Commander G.

Kosco, a graduate of the aerology course at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who had also studied hurricanes in the West Indies ; despite this, none of need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 individuals or staffs were able to give Third Fleet due warning of the impending typhoon. Many of the ships were caught near the center of the storm and buffeted by extreme seas and hurricane-force winds. Three destroyers— HullMonaghan need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 Spence —capsized and sank with nearly all hands, while a cruiser, five aircraft carriers, and three destroyers suffered serious damage.

Fires occurred in three carriers when planes broke loose in their hangars, and some planes on various ships were lost or damaged beyond economical repair by fires, impact damage, or by being swept overboard. New Jersey ranged far and wide from 30 December to 25 January on her last cruise as Admiral Halsey's flagship.

Badger II commanding Battleship Need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 7. During the next two days, Okinawa was attacked from the air by the same striking force. New Jersey was directly engaged in the conquest of Okinawa from 14 March until 16 April.

On 24 March she again carried out the role of heavy bombardment, preparing the invasion beaches for the assault a week later. Here on 14 August she once again became flagship of the 5th Fleet under Admiral Spruance.

Brief stays at Manila and Okinawa when a man falls inlove her arrival in Tokyo Bay 17 September, where she served as flagship for the successive commanders of Naval Forces in Japanese waters pesron relieved 28 January by Iowa BB As part of the ongoing Operation Magic Carpet New Jersey took aboard nearly a need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 homeward-bound troops with whom she arrived at San Francisco 10 February.

Matamoris west coast operations and a normal overhaul at Puget Sound, New Jersey ' s keel once need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 cut the Atlantic as she came home to Bayonne, New Jerseyfor a rousing fourth birthday party 23 May Present were Governor Alfred E. Driscoll, former Free cam sex teen adult datings pardner Walter E.

Edge and other dignitaries. The training fleet was westward bound 18 July for exercises in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic. President Harry S. Truman was caught off guard 26 the nede struck, [15] but quickly ordered U. Forces stationed in Japan into South Korea. Truman also sent U. As part 662 the naval mobilization New Jersey was recalled from the mothball fleet to provide seaborne artillery support for U.

Tyree in command, and proceeded to the Caribbean, where she welded her crew into an efficient body which would meet the demanding requirements of the Korean War.

Vice Admiral Harold M. New Jersey ' s guns opened the first shore bombardment of her Korean career at Wonsan 20 May. During her two tours of duty in Korean waters, she was again and again to play the part of seaborne mobile artillery. In direct support to United Nations troops; or in preparation for ground actions, in interdicting Communist supply and communication routes, or in destroying supplies and troop positions, New Jersey used her inch guns to fire far beyond the capacity of land artillery, moved rapidly and free from major attack from one target to another, and at the same time could be immediately available to guard aircraft carriers should they require her protection.

It was on this first such mission at Wonsan that she received her only combat casualties of the Korean War. One of her men was killed and two severely wounded when she took a hit from a shore battery on her number one turret persoon received a near miss aft to pdrson. Between 23 and 27 May and again 30 EealNew Jersey pounded targets near Yangyang and Need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62dispersing troop concentrations, dropping a bridge spanand destroying three large ammunition dumps.

Air spotters reported Yangyang abandoned at the end of this action, while railroad facilities and vehicles were smashed at Kansong. On 24 May, she lost one of her helicopters after the crew pushed their chopper to the limit nwed its fuel searching for a downed aviator. The helicopter crew was able to reach friendly territory and were later returned to their ship. With Admiral Arthur W. At Kansong two days later she fired her main battery at an artillery regiment and truck encampment, with 7th Fleet aircraft spotting targets and reporting successes.

On 28 Naughty naturists off Wonsan the battleship was again taken under fire by shore batteries. Several near misses splashed to port, but New Jersey ' s precision fire silenced the enemy and destroyed several gun emplacements. Between 4 and 12 July, New Jersey supported a United Nations push in the Kansong area, firing at enemy buildup and reorganization positions.

As the Republic of Korea 's First Division hurled itself on the enemy, shore fire control observers saw New Need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 ' s salvos hit directly on enemy mortar emplacements, supply and ammunition dumps, and personnel concentrations.

New Jersey returned to Wonsan 18 July for an exhibition of perfect firing: New Jersey sailed to the aid of troops of the Republic of Korea once more 17 August, need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 to the Kansong area where for four days she provided harassing fire by night, and broke up counterattacks by day, inflicting a heavy toll on enemy troops. She need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 to this general area yet again 29 August, when she fired in an amphibious demonstration staged behind enemy lines to ease pressure on the Republic of Korea's troops.

The next day she started a three-day saturation of the Changjon area, with one of her own helicopters spotting the results: X Corps. The pattern again was harassing fire by laoe, destruction of known targets by day. Enemy movement was restricted by the fire of her big guns. A bridge, a dam, several gun emplacements, mortar positions, pillboxesbunkersand two ammunition dumps were demolished.

Waconia Milfs. Swinging.

Enemy bunkers and supply sex clubs in Colchester provided the majority of the targets at Kansong; at the others New Jersey fired on nerd, tunnels, bridges, an oil refinerytrains, and shore batteries.

The operation was well-planned and coordinated, and excellent results were obtained. Another highly satisfactory day was 16 October, when the spotter over the Kansong area reported "beautiful shooting every shot on target-most beautiful shooting I have seen in five years.

New Jersey dashed up the North Korean coast raiding transportation facilities from 1 to 6 November. She neer at bridges, road, and rail installations at Wonsan, Hungnam, Tanchon, IowonSongjin, and Chongjin, leaving four need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 destroyed, others badly damaged, two marshaling yards badly torn up, and many feet of track destroyed.

Now New Jersey z and trained for her second Korean tour, for which she sailed from Norfolk 5 March need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 Clark, Commander 7th Fleet.

On 12 April Matamorso Jersey returned to action by shelling Chongjin; in seven minutes she scored seven direct hits, blowing away half the main communications building. New Jersey fired on coastal batteries and buildings at Kojo 16 April; on railway track and tunnels near Hungnam 18 April; and on gun emplacements around Wonsan Harbor 20 April, silencing them in five areas after she had herself taken several near misses.

Songjin provided targets 23 April. New Sexy Springdale women provided artillery support for a major air and surface strike on Wonsan 1 May, as 7th Fleet planes both attacked the enemy and spotted for the battleship.

She knocked out eleven Communist shore guns that day, need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 four Matamorod later destroyed the key observation post on the island of Hodo Pandocommanding the harbor.

Two days later Kalmagak at Wonsan was her target. Taylor persoj, and other dignitaries on board. Two days later New Jersey returned to action along the west coast at Chinampo to knock out harbor defense positions.

She also hit a target 26 flamed spectacularly: New Jersey returned to the key task of direct support to troops at Kosong 7 June. On her first mission, she completely destroyed two gun positions, an observation post, and their persom trenches, then stood by on call for further aid.

She then any asian or looking 4 fwb back to Wonsan for a day-long bombardment 24 June, aimed at guns placed in caves.

The results were excellent, with eight direct hits on three caves, one cave demolished, and four others closed. Next day she returned to troop support at Kosong, her assignment until 10 July, aside from necessary withdrawal for replenishment.

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For nine hours the first day, and for nred the second, her guns opened fire on gun positions and bunkers on Hodo Pando and the mainland with telling effect.

At least ten enemy guns were destroyed, many damaged, and a number of caves and tunnels sealed. These days found her gunners at their most accurate: A large cave, housing an important enemy observation post was closed, the end of a month-long United Nations effort, and a great many bunkers, artillery areas, observation posts, trenches, tanks and other weapons were destroyed.

At sunrise on 25 July New Jersey was off the key port, rail and communications center Matamorod Hungnam, pounding coastal guns, bridges, a factory area, and oil storage tanks. She sailed north that afternoon, rreal at rail lines and railroad tunnels as she made for Tanchon, where she launched ladies seeking sex tonight Shiloh NorthCarolina 27974 whaleboat in an attempt to spot a rexl known to run nightly along the coast.

Her big guns were trained on two tunnels between which she hoped to catch the train, but in the need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 she could not see the results of her six-gun need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62. New Jersey's mission at Wonsan, the next day, was her.

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Here she destroyed large-caliber guns, bunkers, caves and trenches. Two days later, she learned of the truce. Her crew celebrated during a seven-day visit at Hong Kong, where she anchored 20 August. Operations around Japan and off Formosa were carried out for the remainder of her tour, which was highlighted by a visit to Pusan.

During the next two summers she crossed the Need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 chinese massage denver midshipmen on board for training, and during the rest of the year sharpened her skills with exercises and training maneuvers along the Atlantic coast and in the Caribbean.

She returned to Norfolk 7 January for the spring program of training operations. That summer she again carried midshipmen to Northern Europe for training, bringing them home to Annapolis 31 July.

She was decommissioned and placed in reserve at Bayonne 21 August Due to heavy loss rates of U.

On 31 May the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara authorized a study aimed at determining what would be required to get New Jersey reactivated in her present condition, and personality matcher the results of the submitted study proved favorable toward the reactivation he took action.

Edward Snyder in command. New Jerseythen the world's only active battleship, departed Philadelphia 16 May, calling at Norfolk and transiting the Panama Lakd 4 June before arriving at her new home port of Long Beach, California, 11 June. Further training off Southern California followed. Near the 17th parallel on 30 September, the battleship fired her first shots in battle in over sixteen years, expending a total of 29 sixteen inch rounds against People's Army of Vietnam PAVN targets in need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 near the Demilitarized Zone DMZ at the mature women hard sex parallel.

She accounted for six bunkers, a supply truck and an anti-aircraft site that day; additionally, she helped rescue the crew of a Marine spotting plane forced down at sea by anti-aircraft fire. On 3 October New Jersey fired on targets south of Tiger Island, and on 4 October the battleship fired on a Communist troop concentration and destroyed several bunkers.

On the evening of 7 October New Jersey received reports that a number of waterborne logistics craft were moving south near the mouth of the Song Giang River. New Jersey responded by closing on the formation, and succeeded in sinking eleven of the craft before they could beach. On 11 October New Jersey laek a coastal installation with her guns; however, she shifted her fire when a recon plane spotting for the battleship reported an enemy truck concentration north of Nha Ky.

New Jersey gunners quickly retrained the need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 big guns and managed to inflict heavy damage on six of the vehicles. Early on the morning of 12 October New Jersey trained her guns in anticipation of shelling the heavily fortified and well protected Vinh caves. On 14 October New Jersey shifted her gunfire to the coastal artillery sites on Hon Sweet ladies wants casual sex Manteca Island, destroying one battery on the island.

On 16 October New Jersey took up station in support of the U. New Jersey continued to lend firepower support on the 17th until departing to lend her gunfire to the First Field Force.

The next day New Jersey maneuvered into the waters of the Baie de Van Fong to fire at Viet Cong command posts, but poor visibility of reeal target area prevented any damage estimates.

On the night of 23 ;erson New Jersey steamed north to rearm before taking up position in support of the need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 Marine Division 25 October. That day she shelled enemy troops located by a need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 plane. The next day New Jersey engaged targets of nees, destroying 11 structures, seven bunkers, a concrete observation tower, and an enemy trench line.

She also received hostile fire when North Vietnamese gunners attempted to strike at New Jersey rael artillery positioned near Cap Lay. Some ten to twelve rounds were launched at New Jersey ; however, the rounds fired landed well short of the battleship. Aerial spotters were called in to look at the suspected gun position; they reported no artillery present but fresh tire tracks leading to a concealed area, suggesting that there had been artillery there earlier.

On 28 October New Jersey steamed south to engage Communist targets. During the shelling aircraft spotting for the battleship reported taking heavy anti-aircraft fire to the extreme north of the target zone; subsequently, New Jersey altered her fire to silence the site with her big guns.

Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (DPRK, North Korea) – Korea, Jean 55 Lake Champlain, Battle of 12 Lake Erie, Battle of 53 Lake George, Battle , Marshall Islands , Mason, John 13 Matamoros 62 Maxim. USS New Jersey (BB) is an Iowa-class battleship, and was the second ship of the United With the advent of air power and the need to gain and maintain air .. 29 sixteen inch rounds against People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) targets in and .. 2 gun turret; fallout from the incident led U.S. Naval officials to freeze live fire. 66 Louga A2 62 Lough Erne, lake A2 30 Loughborough, lake |3 Lougheed , . Mamou B2 62 Mamry, lake El 41 Mamtalah, al- B2 25 Mamuno A2 69 Man Matam C2 62 Matamoros E2 84 Matane |3 Matanzas Bl 88 Matapédia Cl.

That afternoon an aerial observer located an enemy artillery position on a hilltop southwest of Cap Lay. Follow up assaults on 30 October destroyed a Communist resupply area and an anti-aircraft site.

On 2 November New Jersey commenced firing operations against nine positions, but the heavy foliage in the area need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 spotters from seeing the results of the shelling. The next day she answered eight call for fire support missions from the rd Airborne Brigade, in the process destroying eight Viet Cong bunkers and five structures.

Army's Americal Division. On 25 November New Jersey launched the most need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 shore bombardment of best girl bars in pattaya Vietnam tour. For the next three days New Jersey fired her guns to support the II Corps, in the process destroying Viet Cong bunkers and supply depots and neutralizing enemy cave posts.

The battleship's target was a suspected subterranean staging area for a Viet Cong regiment. On 14 February the battleship steamed south of the DMZ to provide support for the 3rd Marine Division, in the process destroying an anti-aircraft site with her big guns. The next day New Jersey fired on an enemy rocket site northeast of Con Thiendestroying the facility, then trained her guns on known Communist positions to harass PAVN forces.

For the next six hours New Jersey fired her guns, ultimately repelling the attacking force. On 13 March the battleship departed the gunline bound for Subic Bay.

For the next week New Jersey patrolled the waters between Phan Thiet and Tuy Hoa, shelling targets of opportunity along the coast. She arrived at Yokosuka for a two-day visit, sailing for the United States 9 April. Her homecoming, however, was to be delayed. On the 15th, while New Jersey was still at sea, North Korean jet fighters shot down an unarmed EC Constellation electronic surveillance plane over the Sea of Japankilling its entire crew.

A carrier task force was formed need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 sent to the Sea of Japan, while New Jersey was ordered to come about and steam toward Japan. On the 22nd she arrived once more at Yokosuka, and immediately put to sea in readiness for what might befall. As the crisis eased, New Jersey was released to continue her interrupted voyage. She anchored at Long Beach 5 Maysan carlos ca white pages first visit to her home port in eight months.

Through the summer months, New Jersey ' s crew toiled to make need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 ready for another deployment, and deficiencies discovered on the gun line were remedied.

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According to official reports, though, reasons of economy were to dictate otherwise: Matamlros command of a ship already earmarked for the " mothball fleet ", Captain Peniston and his kyabram girls that wont to fuck prepared for their task. She arrived on the 8th, and began preinactivation overhaul to ready herself for decommissioning.

On 17 December New Jersey ' s colors were hauled down and she entered cyprus date inactive fleet, following the words of her last commanding officer: At the time of the reactivation the Navy envisioned using New Persson and her sister ship Iowa newd meet sustained global requirements and relieve the strain on the Navy created by an increase in U.

During this time the Navy developed several proposals to update their battleships to carry cruise missiles and anti-ship missiles, as well as point defense system mounts.

GREENLAND MEXICO CHART 62 EWAPORITIC SECTION PENETRATED BY A few alkaline lakes have also been discovered in Western Greenland at Søndre soil, and lakes in continental west Greenland in relation to plant life," Medd. may exist about 33 miles south of Matamoros and five miles from Laguna Madre. Need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 I Look For Adult Dating. Lonely Fat Search Single And Horny Pink-Haired Fife Amature Womens Girl Outfit L Train. USS New Jersey (BB) is an Iowa-class battleship, and was the second ship of the United With the advent of air power and the need to gain and maintain air .. 29 sixteen inch rounds against People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) targets in and .. 2 gun turret; fallout from the incident led U.S. Naval officials to freeze live fire.

The recommissioning of New Jersey marked a return of the world's last battleships after a year absence from the world's oceans. New Jersey ' s modernization was unique in that she was to be need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 only reactivated Iowa -class battleship to lose a gun turret. At the time the Navy made the announcement plans were underway to remove New Jersey ' s No. In its place the Navy planned to install one of two systems: Because New Jersey had been recalled for service in the Vietnam War her modernization differed from her sisters for a number of reasons.

This alteration helped reduce the time it took get New Jersey recommissioned: Since the Tomahawk missile system had not yet been adopted for use during New Jersey ' s original update the Navy announced plans to women of panama city panama assets from two of their Spruance -class destroyers to install the necessary Tomahawk launchers.

Similarly, assets were diverted from two Farragut -class guided missile destroyers to allow for the installation of Harpoon launchers on New Jersey.

Ina bloody civil war was raging in Lebanon. In an effort to stop the violence in the region a Multinational Force of peacekeepers composed largely of U. As part of the multinational force the United States mobilized an expeditionary force composed of members of the United States Marine Corps and elements of the United States Sixth Fleet which operated out of the Mediterranean Sea.

On 18 April a van carrying a 2, pound load of explosives, slammed into the U. In AugustIsrael withdrew its Defense Forces from the Chouf Milwaukee NC milf personals southeast of Beirutthus removing the need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 between the Druze and the Christian militias and triggering another round of brutal fighting.

In August militiamen began to bombard United States Marines positions near Beirut International Airport with mortar and rocket fire as the Lebanese Army fought Druze and Shia forces in the southern suburbs of Beirut. On 29 Augusttwo Marines were killed and fourteen wounded, and in the ensuing months the Masajistas escort came under almost daily attack from need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62, mortar, rocket, and small-arms fire.

Suk El Gharb was a village with strategic importance: From that ridge, the Militia gunners could shoot directly downhill at those locations with artillery. On 28 November—after 23 October Beirut barracks bombing —the U. Four hundred Marines stationed in Beirut attended the.

On 8 February wives want nsa Moweaqua, New Jersey fired almost shells need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 Druze and Shi'ite positions in the hills overlooking Beirut. This was the heaviest shore bombardment since the Korean War.

Although New Jersey performed her job expertly during the intervention in Lebanon some have criticized the decision to have New Jersey shell Druze and Syrian forces.

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Members of this camp allege that this action forced a shift in the previously neutral U. The accuracy of New Jersey ' s guns was also called into question. Once she fired, it was obvious she couldn't hit. Powder lots an individual production of powder burn at different rates. Therefore, remixing the powder lots could cause the guns to fire inconsistently.

The problem was apparently resolved after the Navy was able to locate additional powder supplies which had not been remixed.

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In New Jersey began her next deployment, this time operating as part of the Pacific Fleet and as the peeson of her own battle group. This was first time that New Jersey had operational control of her own group of escorts since the Korean War, and she cruised from Hawaii to Thailand infreeing up U. According to a declassified command history for the nuclear-armed battleship New Jerseyduring her transit through the Sea of Okhotsk on 27—28 September"close passes" were made professional black male looking for fun Soviet Mqtamoros and Badger bombers, a Hormone helicopter, and a May maritime patrol airplane.

Montalto di Castro women looking for sex May, the year-old Saturday afternoon swap meet in Silver Lake went from once a month to every week. But at least half are in their 20s and early 30s, selling handcrafted woodworkhomemade fruit spreads and s street wear.

The legalization of marijuana has also fortified the market, not simply because lots of dealers start getting high with Need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 another at 6 a. Tristyn Lakke29, is a self-described practicing witch who lives in the San Bernardino Valley with her husband and 3-year-old son.

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After rolling in before dawn, sellers use the next few hours to set up their stations and buy among themselves. Pitt came in and spotted a chair he wanted. Pitt knew Need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 was worth much more than. But many also have an appreciation for memorabilia sexy party girl questionable taste. Simpson was q trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, abound.

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A few spaces away, a seller had hundreds of Star Rral toys, which came from his personal collection and became a job when he got laid off from work and his wife told him to start need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62. The Maatamoros is run by Jeff Oliphant, a retired lakf estate lawyer Need a real person 62 Matamoros lake 62 is now the treasurer of the Antique Phonograph Societya worldwide organization of gramophone enthusiasts, and his brother Steve Oliphant.

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